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Wilkinson Academy Cardinals

Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance Academy’s mission is to develop serious athletes into high performance people.  Our purpose is to help student-athletes develop skills that will significantly enhance their athletic performance and life success.


The Wilkinson Academy was founded in 1990 to provide in-depth, advanced instruction to serious athletes.  Our intent then, as it is now, was to offer the highest quality training in fundamental physical skills and competition skills, as well as to mentor our athletes in understanding the game and performing at their highest level based on that understanding.


A key component of this unique instructional program is its emphasis on skills such as goal setting, preparation, the development of productive habits, and the personal accountability which results in confident, successful approaches to competition and cooperative venture. 


Our students take these things seriously and tend to bring their best effort to be solid teammates and game-time contributors.


The Academy works with two kinds of students. 


The first:  serious athletes with a tool that might one day play in college. 


The second:  athletes driven by sports who have a particular need, as well as an ability, to develop the life skills required for successful life performance.


Typically, our students will have talent, high aspirations and a dream about high level participation in sports and in life beyond sports.  Their personal goal is to compete beyond the level they currently occupy. 


No one is accepted into the Academy unless there is a perceived ability to benefit from our program of instruction.


In order to work with us, each prospective student’s talents, skills, and physical, mental, and emotional processes are evaluated during a complimentary 75-minute session at our facility.

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals


The training emphasizes the development of fundamental physical, mechanical and production talents and skills that lead to strong results in competitive situations under pressure.  There is an emphasis on mental process skills and emotional command skills which help our students learn to become high performance competitors and, therefore, successful in each of the aspects of their lives.

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals


The Wilkinson curriculum is performance based and individualized.  It allows our students to learn to compete while at the same time providing invaluable instruction, coaching and mentoring for life achievement.

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals


Our particular brand and approach to the mentality of successful performance has helped our athletes focus more effectively to get better outcomes in the athletic, scholastic and social situations in which they find themselves.

We teach, coach and mentor to mastery of processes which lead to belief and self-trust, resulting in behaviors which promote sustained success.


Our goal and result over the past three decades has been the creation of a base for achievement and excellence in all areas of our students’ lives.

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals


The Wilkinson Program teaches the following things:
  • Sport fundamentals specific to each one of our students

  • The “Game Within the Game” – situational game strategies and tactics

  • Goal setting, attitudes and habits which enhance standards, self esteem and belief


The Wilkinson Program also:
  • Teaches to each student’s individual strengths, abilities and potential

  • Teaches in both one-on-one and group settings which enhance learning

  • Teaches, coaches and mentors students toward mastery of processes which lead to sustainable success

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals
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