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Wilkinson Academy Cardinals

Programs & Fees 

Wilkinson Sports & Life Performance Academy Programs

The Wilkinson Sports & Life Performance Academy Program has been recognized across the USA and internationally as a premierplayer performance, life skills, leadership and personal development programs in baseball and softball.  Our primary clientele group has been the high school student-athlete.  Well over 90% of our students have gone on to play college sports, and over 70% have played successfully at the college level for at least three years.  Both of those statistics defy the national averages of college entry opportunity and college athletic participation duration.
Pete Wilkinson has consulted around the world and throughout the United States for years in program development, for youth organizations, in high school leadership and team development, and with college teams, athletes and their families.  Pete has and is working currently with professional players, as well, in their developing their games and their careers.
At the same time, our work with young players and their families and organizations has been recognized and praised, too.  We work just as diligently and just as effectively with younger athletes and their families and teams in helping them grow as people and as effective servants of the young people who love the game.  At the present time, in fact, we are working as volunteers with our own community's youth baseball association on effective coaching and parenting for their offspring's optimum enjoyment of and development in the game.
Our programs are specialized to each student's needs.  There is no boiler plate in what we do.  Here are some of our offerings:
Advanced Instruction Program:  Pitching
For high school, collegiate and professional pitchers.  Emphasizing the USA's most successful approach to performance, health, safety and growth as a pitcher, teammate, servant and leader.  Covering everything necessary to become effective at the very highest level of pitching performance while staying healthy in the process.  High School State Champions, NCAA and NAIA Conference and National Champions, and Major League pitchers have come from our program through the past 3 decades.   We helped the  Pac12 and NCAA single season ERA record holder stay healthy through his college career.
Advanced Instruction Program:  Position Player
For high school, collegiate and professional players.  Emphasizing the USA's most successful approach to position-specific performance, health, safety and growth as a player, teammate, servant and leader.   Covering everything necessary to become effective at the very highest level of playing performance and the effective development of value creation through the development of tools and the knowledge of how to contribute to winning in playing on and within a team.   High School State Champions, NCAA and NAIA Conference and National Champions, conference batting leaders, All Conference and All Americans, and Major League players have come from our program through the past 3 decades.  The Pac12 record holder in career hits was groomed in our program.
Foundational Academy Program
For high school pitchers and position players.  The basis for the Academy's Advanced Instructional Programs.  For high school student-athletes.   Emphasizing the USA's most successful approach to performance, health, safety and growth as a pitcher, player, teammate, servant and leader.   The foundation of everything we do here at the Academy is present in this program.
Introductory Short Program 
For underclass high school and youth level pitchers and position players.  Emphasizing, in a three-month weekly meeting time frame, performance in single skill areas like hitting, position player defense, throwing or developing pitching command, for example.  A way to find out more about a young player's capability and capacity while getting to know us better.  Not a quick fix program, this work is -- as described -- introductory to the process of developing mastery of specific skills.
Membership Programs
Membership Programs are being developed for Coaches, for Client Families, for Parents, for Students and for Youth Organizations at this time.  We expect to make announcements and provide educational services and materials within the next few months.  Membership fees will be reasonable, but extremely valuable to every constituency of our wonderful games of baseball and softball.
Special Programs for Advanced-Skills Athletes
Especially tailored programs for advanced HS Seniors  and for collegiate and professional players to create competitive advantage.
Costs are a function of several factors, but they have a basis in value  We provide thorough service effective at very high levels. 

We may make scholarships available based on family circumstance.  All scholarship decisions are made based on our acceptance of our prospective students.  We want everyone to understand that all students are accepted based on a complimentary evaluation we provide to interested families who meet our criteria of potential ability to benefit.   


Please, if you will,  contact Pete Wilkinson by email, text or phone for more information.  See contact information immediately below.

Wilkinson Academy Cardinals


Wilkinson Baseball CLUB is a nonprofit organization separate from the WSLPA.  The Cardinals are an annually joined summer baseball program.  In 2020, we have an 18U Cardinals team and a 17U Cardinals team, each of which is a development program which also plays at a highly competitive level.   The teams are based in Georgetown, TX and consist of high school age players primarily from Texas.  This program is a supplement to our Academy programs -- but, it is not absolutely necessary to be in the Academy to try out for the teams.  Tryouts happen in two ways -- by invitation from us and by inquiry from families.  We are looking for specifically for serious, athletic baseball players who are authentic, of good character and who play with great heart.   


Please, if you will, contact Zach Brown at or call us for more information.

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